• Establish a University-wide investigative review committee, composed of LEO/GEO-approved faculty/staff members and students, to scrutinize the evaluation records and other relevant circumstances surrounding all recent and future instances in which a University academic unit's or department's decision to withhold the renewal of a non-tenure-track instructor's academic appointment is alleged to have been made as a consequence of his/her union-related roles or activities.
  • Greatly reduce student tuition rates to the maximum possible extent, with the eventual goal of entirely eliminating student tuition fees altogether.
  •   Automatic tenure-track, at a fair salaries, with full year-round health benefits, for all University lecturers and adjuncts
  •   Boot the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program from all three University of Michigan campuses, end all University-contracted military research, and bar U.S. military recruiters from engaging in direct on-campus recruitment drives.
  •  Eliminate all corporate research and educational contracts with the University, as well as all corporate advertising on campus. Ensure academic and instructional independence from corporate control and influence by prohibiting the University from continuing to accept and solicit donations from 'for-profit' corporations.
  •  Establish three permanent positions of student government liaison, elected by and continuously accountable to, the student government on each of the three U-M campuses, for purposes of representing the U-M student body at all Board of Regents meetings.
  •  Support acceptance and implementation of the University of Michigan - Dearborn Student Government's unanimous February 2010 resolution, requesting that the Board of Regents investigate unethical University investments into businesses providing military weapons and machinery to Israel.
  • Prohibit the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety's present practice of issuing on-campus marijuana possession citations under the misdemeanor classification designated by the state criminal code, rather than under the civil infraction classification designated by the Ann Arbor municipal code.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Investigate and pursue all available avenues for ensuring state-population-reflective diversity within the University's faculty, staff, and student body. Support the immediate restoration of public sector affirmative action through the repeal or reversal of ยง 26 of the Michigan Constitution (2006 "MCRI" ballot initiative), and the extension of residency rights to all undocumented students through congressional enactment of the "Dream Act." Eliminate the University's impartment of 'legacy preferences' in student admissions decisions, which exacerbate the degree of unfair advantage imparted to students from more privileged and affluent backgrounds.